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FSC statement on EIA report about the Schweighofer Group

Thursday, 7 December 2017

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Press Release

(Bonn, 7 December 2017) - The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is aware of a new report and video released by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) about illegal logging in the Rodna National Park of Romania.

In this report, EIA points at Holzindustrie Schweighofer (part of the Schweighofer Group) for allegedly purchasing timber illegally sourced from Rodna National Park.

FSC disassociated from the Schweighofer Group in February 2017, which means that the Schweighofer Group does not hold any FSC certification.

It should be noted that FSC has not agreed nor is about to agree on ending the disassociation from the Schweighofer Group. Instead, FSC is now reviewing a draft set of conditions that Schweighofer must fulfil prior to any such decision.

These conditions have been developed in a multi-stakeholder process involving public consultations and are set out to correct the identified shortcomings and wrongdoings in Schweighofer’s operations, compensate for the environmental and social damages resulting from these and prevent the reoccurrence of any wrongdoings and/or violations of FSC’s Policy for Association.

In light of the allegations raised in the EIA report, FSC has now requested the company to provide clarifications on the concerns raised. These clarifications will be reviewed and assessed by FSC as part of the dialogue process with the Schweighofer Group.


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