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Danish governement commits to procurement of responsible wood and paper

Thursday, 7 November 2013


COPENHAGEN – Years of hard work by Danish NGOs and companies has finally paid off. The Danish Ministry of the Environment recently declared that it would now be mandatory for the State’s public purchasers to ensure that wood used in construction, furniture and paper products originated from responsibly managed forests. With the support of members, other FSC companies and environmental organisations, FSC Denmark has worked for years to motivate the Danish Ministry of the Environment to take action.

“In the future, it will be required that whenever we purchase office furniture or printing paper – or if we build new houses or restore old buildings – then all wooden floors, printed materials andwindows must be made from responsible wood. That is important to forest survival and to the great amount of people who are dependent on the forests,” says Danish Minister of the Environment, Ida Auken.

Today there is a voluntary requirement for responsible sourcing in about 25% of the Danish Government’s procurement of wood to construction, furniture and paper. The Government will now require its different institutions to only source wood-based products made of verifiable responsible wood, for example FSC certified wood.

The market for certified products will grow

The new binding public procurement policy for responsible wood and timber products will enhance the market for FSC certified products and more companies are expected to convert to verifiable responsible purchases and productions.

“The voluntary procurement guide was a good guide, but now the Government will lead the way and speed up the process of ensuring procurement of responsible wood and timber. It will get more and more companies to start thinking about having responsible products and goods as part of their product range as the Government and its institutions are a major customer. But we certainly provide everyone a chance to take part - that's why we will carry out the requirements continuously over the next three years,” says Minister Auken.

Wood used for energy, such as fire wood, woodchips and pellets are not part of the agreement. The voluntary instruction scheme will continue to apply for municipalities, regions and other public institutions, which are not obligated to the binding agreement. Guidelines for those institutions will be updated and ready by spring 2014.

Please check the FSC Denmark Newsroom for more information.


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