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FSC Press Releases
This section includes the latest press releases issued by FSC International.

Forest Stewardship Council Disassociates from the DLH Group

12 February 2015 · Decision due to reputational risks for FSC linked to stakeholder disputes in Liberia
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Forest Stewardship Council Suspends Polish National Office

15 January 2015 · 14 January 2015 (Bonn, Germany) – The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) confirms it has suspended the operation of its Polish national office. Existing Polish FSC certificates remain valid, …
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FSC has requested a six-month extension for a suspended certificate held by Resolute Forest Products in Lac St-Jean, Quebec

31 December 2014 · Bonn, Germany / Montreal, Canada - 30 December 2014. FSC has requested a six-month extension to be granted by the certification body Rainforest Alliance for a suspended forest certificate held by …
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FSC Issues Advice Note as First Step to Ensure System Remains Transparent following Resolute FP Canada legal action

18 December 2014 · Bonn, Germany/Montreal, Canada (18 December 2014) Today, the Forest Stewardship Council has issued a new Advice Note to prevent situations where an FSC certificate is upheld without having a basis in …
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COP20 update: FSC® affirms timber legality is just the beginning for a sustainable future

12 December 2014 · 11 December 2014 (Lima, Peru) – Today, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) joined the Peruvian National Forest and Wildlife Service (SERFOR)’s ‘I support legal timber’ campaign. Peru’s …
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Peruvian indigenous communities help to neutralise the carbon footprint of major sustainability event

12 December 2014 · Indigenous communities located in Ucayali, Peru have agreed to compensate for the carbon footprint of an international event organised by the Forest Stewardship Council®.
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Forest Stewardship Council Takes Steps to Ensure System Remains Transparent Following Resolute FP Canada Legal Action

24 November 2014 · Bonn, Germany/Montreal, Canada (21 November 2014) – Following legal action by Resolute Forest Products (Resolute) against Rainforest Alliance to prevent an audit report of its activities from being …
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Forest Stewardship Council Opens Doors to Sustainable Forest Management in Malaysia

19 November 2014 · 19 November 2014 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) - The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) today opened its doors in Malaysia as part of a strategic decision to tackle tropical deforestation.
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FSC reconfirms its commitment to protecting workers' rights

1 October 2014 · Bonn, Germany (30 September 2014) – The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has strong rules to ensure the protection of workers’ rights and is committed to finding a stakeholder-based solution to …
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From forests to fashion – FSC promoted at star-studded Stella McCartney launch

17 September 2014 · Stella McCartney has reinforced her commitment to sustainability by partnering with Livia Firth’s Eco-Age for the launch of the 2014 London Stella McCartney Green Carpet Collection at London Fashion …
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