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FSC Press Releases
This section includes the latest press releases issued by FSC International.

FSC Ends Association with the APRIL Group

8 August 2013 · Effective 7 August 2013, the Forest Stewardship Council has ended all association with the APRIL Group, including the immediate termination of all Trademark License Agreements (TLA). 
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FSC Annual Report 2012

FSC Annual Report 2012 is now available online!

25 July 2013 · “Consolidating Gains, Strengthening Leadership”, FSC’s Annual Report for 2012, demonstrates how the organisation has moved forward in 2012 through some key achievements: the approval of the …
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FSC is pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated website for the Congo Basin. The website is available in English and French.

17 July 2013 · FSC’s current global strategy includes several objectives related to promoting responsible forest management in natural forests in the tropics.
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FSC Welcomes Greenpeace Case Studies

26 June 2013 · As a member-led organization, the Forest Stewardship Council derives its strength and integrity from active engagement by a very diverse set of stakeholders. FSC’s members, organized into economic, …
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22 June 2013 · On 23 May 2013, Greenpeace, WWF Indonesia and the Rainforest Action Network filed a formal complaint with the Forest Stewardship Council about association with the APRIL Group. In accordance with the …
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21 May 2013 · Decision due to reputational risks for FSC linked to stakeholder disputes in the Democratic Republic of Congo
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Forest Stewardship Council International Board Members meet with stakeholders in Delhi

18 March 2013 · Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) held its 62nd International Board Meeting in Thekkady, Kerala from 11 to 13 March 2013 in association with Kerala Forest Department, Quality Council of India and …
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Forest Stewardship Council® Welcomes EU Timber Regulation; Confirms Role to Ensure Compliance

28 February 2013 · BONN -- On 3 March 2013, the European Union (EU) Timber Regulation will enter into force, making it a crime to introduce illegally harvested timber and products into the EU market. Importing companies …
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With appointment of Stefan Salvador as new Quality Assurance Director, FSC further ensures the integrity of its system

26 November 2012 · The Forest Stewardship Council is pleased to announce that Stefan Salvador has been hired to lead FSC’s new Quality Assurance Unit (QAU), which will become operational in March 2013. The …
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Three new FSC Board Members elected

7 November 2012 · On behalf of the FSC Board of Directors, the FSC Secretariat held elections for three seats of the FSC Board of Directors throughout 2012.
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