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FSC Policy for Association: drafts released for second consultation

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

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FSC International invites your participation in the second and final public consultation on the Policy for the Association of Organizations with FSC (FSC-POL-01-004). The 60-day consultation period will close on 29 January 2016.

All information – draft, comments form, and additional resources – can be found here.


The FSC Policy for Association has become a core document in the FSC system, aimed at protecting the reputation of FSC, and all entities associated with it, by acting as a safeguard against organizations involved in unacceptable activities.

It defines six unacceptable activities that associated organizations and their affiliated groups commit to avoiding in both certified and non-certified operations. This policy serves as a risk management tool for FSC, protecting the credibility and reputation of the FSC brand and of all organizations associated with it.

Since October 2014, the sub-chamber-balanced PfA working group has been leading a revision of this important policy.

First public consultation results

Stakeholder comments submitted during the first public consultation (June–September 2015) were carefully reviewed by the working group and used to develop this final draft.

Comments submitted on the two supplementary procedures released during the first consultation – the due diligence procedure and the PfA complaints procedure – have also been considered and will now be used to advance the separate revision of these two procedures. These are not included in the current consultation, which focuses specifically on the PfA.

We encourage you to provide different comments from those that were submitted during the first consultation, and not to re-state points that have already been deliberated on by the PfA working group.

How to participate in the second public consultation

To facilitate your review, we have prepared a set of frequently asked questions, and a cross-walk document which summarizes key changes. Background information and the rationale for working group recommendations can also be found in the PfA Group Meeting Report and the compendium of stakeholder comments received during the first consultation.

Your review and input into this process is essential for a successful outcome, and we hope you will take some time to share your perspectives with us. For more information, or to discuss your perspectives verbally, please contact Karen Steer, coordinator for this revision, at k.steer@fsc.org

All information – draft, comments form, and additional resources – can be found on the PfA webpage.

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