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Last Chance to Submit Your Comments on Trademark Standard for Certificate Holders

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The public consultation on the revised Trademark Standard for Certificate Holders (FSC-STD-50-001 V2-0), ends Sunday 31 January 2016. Please remember to submit your comments.

The requirements for certificate holders using FSC trademarks are open for consultation.

Our objective is to streamline the requirements in order to enhance and ease the labelling and promotion of FSC-certified products. The revision process also aims to address Motion 29 (The Logo Motion) and Motion 36 (Addressing Market Confusion and Deceptive Practices), which were passed at the 2014 FSC General Assembly.

A first draft of the revised standards was published and opened for public consultation on 16 November 2015. Taking the holiday season into account, the usual 60-day consultation period was extended by two weeks to allow stakeholders enough time to provide their feedback.

The draft revised standard includes the following main amendments:

  • possibility for self approval of FSC trademark use
  • integration of advice notes on the small and community label option (FSC-ADV-50-003) and the Forests For All Forever trademarks (FSC-ADV-50-004)
  • removal of some prohibitions, including those on general promotion if no FSC sales or production have taken place for 12 months, the use of trademarks on top of documents, and trademark use on business cards
  • introduction of restrictions on general promotion on invoice and delivery documents
  • making labelling with minimum elements default, and labelling with full elements optional
  • reducing the minimum size requirements for on-product labels.

A discussion paper is also available for comment. The discussion paper examines two alternative models for making on-product claims with FSC labels – either by changing the FSC Mix label, or by moving to a single generic label for all on-product claims.

We have also created a 'crosswalk’ document to help our stakeholders with the review process. This explains the differences between the current standards and the revised draft – clause by clause. An online webinar explaining the revised standard is also available for download on our consultation webpage – in English only.

Click here for draft standard, discussion paper, comment form, and other resources.

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