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The latest news and views from FSC, plus related forestry industry updates

Strolling on FSC Tropical Wood at the BuGa 2019

23 April 2019 · A 600m long Bongossi bridge made from FSC-certified tropical wood is the first FSC project certification in Germany.
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FSC Risk Assessments for Argentina, Colombia, Thailand, Hungary, Slovenia are Now Available

16 April 2019 · Effective 16 April 2019, organizations seeking to source controlled wood from Argentina, Colombia, Thailand, Hungary, or Slovenia are required to use the latest FSC risk assessments to conform with …
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Changes Made to the NRA for Uruguay

16 April 2019 · Effective 16 April 2019, the national risk assessment for Uruguay has been updated to V2-0 to include an expansion of …
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Transaction Verification in Oak Flooring Supply Chains

9 April 2019 · FSC will introduce transaction verification in oak flooring supply chains from 9 April 2019. All affected certificate holders must submit their recent purchase and sales data to their certification …
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ASI Accredits Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association

9 April 2019 · Effective 20 March 2019, Assurance Services International (ASI) has accredited Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association (JIA) to audit and issue FSC chain of custody certificates worldwide, …
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Consultation on Free, Prior and Informed Consent Guidelines

9 April 2019 · A public consultation on the new version of the FSC Guidelines for Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) was launched on 20 March. FSC asks stakeholders to give their feedback by 19 May 2019.
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Responsible forest management starts from pole position at Worldwide Motorcycling Championship in Italy

2 April 2019 · FSC Italy recently joined the KiSS (Keep it Shiny and Sustainable) initiative for the Mugello and Misano Moto Grand Prix. This initiative is targeted at consumers and promotes sustainable choices, …
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FSC is a Founding Member of the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber

26 March 2019 · FSC is one of the founding members of the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR), an independent platform that aims to develop a fair, equitable and environmentally sound natural …
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Brazil Issues its First FSC Ecosystem Services Verification

20 March 2019 · FSC has issued its first ecosystem services verification in Brazil to an organization in the Bailique region.
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FSC Embraces UN’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

14 March 2019 · FSC wholeheartedly welcomes the UN’s decision to declare 2021-2030 the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. The coming years will determine whether the world can live up to the commitments made by …
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