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FSC starts new Policy for Association investigation of the Schweighofer Group

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

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Bonn, Germany (29 March, 2017) - The Forest Stewardship Council has started a new Policy for Association investigation of the Schweighofer Group to determine whether or not the company was involved in violation of Romanian timber measurement standards.

To this extent, FSC has appointed a team of experts that will conduct a thorough assessment of the group’s operations in Romania and determine if the additional information recently presented to FSC constitutes a breach of the Policy for Association by the Schweighofer Group. The company has committed to full cooperation and collaboration in order for FSC to successfully complete this new investigation.

This investigation follows the Board of Director’s decision last February to disassociate from the Schweighofer Group after additional information about a possible breach of timber measurement standards was brought to FSC’s attention. At the time, the board decided that a new line of enquiry was necessary to determine the scope and impact of these claims and was therefore incompatible with the probation status of the company. 

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Media Manager



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