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FSC Roadmap Process on Schweighofer Group Disassociation Case on Track with Completion of First Round of Discussions in Bucharest

Friday, 12 May 2017

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Dispute Resolution

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is pleased to announce the establishment of a stakeholder working group involving Romanian and international interest groups representing economic, social and environmental sectors to lay the groundwork for a roadmap process following FSC’s disassociation from the Schweighofer Group (HS).

The objectives of this group are to develop a consultation draft of the FSC Conditions Framework, to review stakeholder input provided during the public consultation and analyse it prior to introducing it into the final draft of the conditions framework document.

The consultation draft of the FSC Conditions Framework will be available for public consultation during 30 days beginning on mid-May. This draft is currently being developed by the stakeholder working group and aims to propose a set of concise and robust conditions to HS, which implementation will lead to correct the identified shortcomings, compensate for the environmental and social damages resulting from these and prevent its reoccurrence.

Its publication will allow stakeholders to provide valuable feedback that will be analysed closely by the stakeholder working group and FSC.

FSC encourages all stakeholders to provide input during the public consultation period. This input will be critical for the final document that is to stipulate the conditions that need to be fulfilled by HS and commit to through an action plan in order to commence the process to end disassociation with FSC.

Although the establishment of this group marks an important first step towards reaching consensus driven proposals that are to shape the final FSC Conditions Framework document, it does not change the current disassociated status of HS.

The stakeholder working group is composed of industry, NGOs and civil bodies that represent a variety of concerns from a wide ranging array of Romanian and international stakeholders. The group will ensure that social, economic and environmental needs are balanced, rightly addressed and in view of achieving a strong framework for HS operations and for the future of responsible forest management and timber trade in Romania.

After the public consultation, a second meeting of the stakeholder working group will follow in July to discuss the stakeholder input and revise the conditions framework prior for the stakeholder working group to submitting the final proposed version of the document to FSC International. The final version of the FSC Conditions Framework will then be submitted to the FSC Board of Directors for approval.


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