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FSC launches Public Consultation on Conditions Framework for Schweighofer Group

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

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The Conditions Framework, available for consultation during 30 days, is part of FSC roadmap process for the Schweighofer Group

23 May, 2017 - The Forest Stewardship Council has launched today the public consultation for the draft of FSC Conditions Framework document that is to lay the groundwork for the roadmap process on the Schweighofer Group (HS) disassociation case.

The objective of the consultation is to collect valuable feedback from stakeholders about the conditions that HS will need to fulfill to correct the shortcomings identified in its operations, compensate for environmental and social damages resulting from these shortcomings and prevent their reoccurrence.

These draft conditions have been developed by a stakeholder working group composed of Romanian and international members that represent economic, social and environmental sectors. The consultation will run during 30 days beginning on 23 May and can be accessed here.

FSC encourages all interested stakeholders to participate and provide their input during this period as input is critical to establish a robust set of conditions to be included in the final document that is to stipulate what HS must fulfill and commit to through an action plan in order to commence the process towards ending the disassociation with FSC. 

The stakeholder working group that has developed the draft conditions framework and will revise stakeholder feedback is composed of: Bucovina - Ecological Group for Cooperation (Mr. Stefan Gales), Mr. Liviu Nichiforel (Lecturer at the Faculty of Forestry University "Stefan cel Mare" Suceava, Romania), The Association for Forest Certification (Mr. Marius Turtica), European Wilderness Society (Mr. Max A E Rossberg), Federation of Forest Owners and Grasslands in Romania (Mr. Bogdan Tudor), Bucovina Forestry Association (Mr. Ciprian Musca), Mr. Otto Zvagins (Wood Supply and Forestry Manager South Europe & South East Europe at IKEA Purchasing Services (Romania) S.R.L) and Hornbach Baumarkt AG (Mr. Andreas Back).

Following the public consultation, a second meeting of the stakeholder working group will be held to discuss the input and adapt the conditions accordingly prior to submitting the final proposed version of the document to FSC International. The final version of the FSC Conditions Framework will then be submitted to the FSC Board of Directors for approval.


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