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FSC is Testing Empowering Solutions for Smallholders and Communities

Monday, 11 June 2018

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Two new solutions that meet the needs of smallholders and communities while ensuring the credibility of FSC certification began the testing phase on 1 June 2018.

To improve access to, and uptake of, the FSC system by small forest owners and communities, FSC initiated a project to deliver empowering solutions for, and by, smallholders. And between June and December 2018, FSC will be testing a few ways of integrating forestry contractors into the FSC system, as well as paving a path towards achieving FSC certification.


Testing is underway in Finland, Latvia, and the United States of America

Smallholders in the Global North will be testing whether forestry contractor can help smallholders demonstrate responsible forest management


Introducing a solution that integrates forestry contractors into the FSC system allows the operators who are actually working in an FSC-certified forest to be the source of information for conformance verification; thereby decreasing the cost and complexity of demonstrating responsible forest management. 


FSC is also working with smallholders who do not have FSC certification

Field tests in Finland, Latvia, and the United States of America will assess national settings and relationships between smallholders, forestry contractors and potential group managers to identify how to integrate forestry contractors into the FSC system. In parallel, case studies are being conducted in Sweden and Germany.


Testing is underway in Eastern Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific

Smallholders in the Global South will be testing ‘continuous improvement’

Introducing a stepwise approach for smallholders to achieve the 10 FSC Principles and Criteria allows for the most critical practices of responsible forestry to be tackled first, before advancing into more complex requirements.


For questions about the testing of the different solutions, please contact team lead, Vera Santos at v.santos@fsc.org.

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