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From the Forest to the Catwalk: FSC is the Preferred Certification for Forest-Based Fabrics

Thursday, 12 July 2018

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Environmental non-profit Canopy and FSC are leading the charge for change in the fashion industry.

Collaborating for almost 5 years, the CanopyStyle initiative, with over 161 brand partners such as H&M, GAP, Zara and Stella McCartney, committed to eliminate the use of ancient and endangered forests in their supply chains, explore innovative fibres like recycled clothing and to contribute to advancing conservation solutions.  All have positioned FSC as the preferred forest certification system of choice.

Fast fashion is here to stay, and the impacts of the industry on the world’s forests might not be immediately apparent. However, the fashion industry has a growing environmental footprint, and trees are used to create fabrics like viscose.

The initiative has also secured wood sourcing policies from rayon and viscose fibre producers now cover more than 70 per cent of global viscose fibre production.

Find out more about the partnership here.


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