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FSC and Czech Smallholders to Strengthen Local Forest Value Chains

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Czech Smallholders
Czech Smallholders

To close the gap between high demand and low supply of FSC-certified wood, FSC Czech Republic, and FSC International are working together to engage local stakeholders in Vysočina.

To date, only two percent of the forests in the Czech Republic are FSC-certified. Local experts say there is a growing concern over the low supply of FSC-certified wood available in the local timber market and the negative impact it may have on the local economy. For example, furniture manufacturers, who are willing to pay a price premium for certified wood, are not meeting their customer’s needs for FSC-certified wood, and that may result in lost jobs or closing of the business.  

To grow the supply of FSC-certified wood the project) and the FSC Czech Republic are deploying solutions in the next years that aim at empowering smallholders to manage their forests responsibly and reap the economic and ecological benefits that come from sustainable forest management practices.

The challenge ahead is changing the minds of Czech foresters who are skeptical about the benefits of FSC certification. As a first step, Tomáš Duda, FSC Czech Republic’s CEO, invited 50 influential forestry sector stakeholders to the country’s Western region of Lukavec to discuss forests, raising temperatures, . Participants included local buyers, sellers, and traders of wood, and representatives from Dřevozpracující družstvo (DDL) and IKEA. For all in attendance, it was an opportunity to learn about the benefits of FSC certification now and what’s coming in the future.

A similar event is planned in the eastern region of the country later this year - an essential sourcing region for companies like IKEA. FSC Czech Republic and the New Approaches project will be offering a training session on how to practice responsible forest management as a group to achieve the benefits of FSC certification. The training meeting is scheduled for September 2018.

Questions, comments, concerns?

For questions regarding the New Approaches project, please contact team lead, Vera Santos at v.santos@fsc.org. To reach the FSC national representative in the Czech Republic, please contact Tomáš Duda at tomas.duda@czechfsc.cz. To reach the FSC regional director, please contact Anand Punja at a.punja@fsc.org.


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