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FSC Seeks Candidates for a Technical Working Group to Revise Standard for Group Entities in Forest Management Groups

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

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We are seeking candidates with practical experience in managing groups (especially small forest owner groups or community forests) and auditing forest management standards, for an eighteen-month project to revise FSC-STD-30-005 V1-1 FSC Standard for Group Entities in Forest Management Groups. The call for applications will be open from 17 September to 16 October 2018.

Under the New Approaches to Smallholders and Communities Certification (i.e., New Approaches project), the standard will undergo a full revision with a particular focus on smallholders and communities.

The ideal applicant should demonstrate the following:

  • a firm commitment to attend all scheduled in-person meetings, including during 19-22 February 2019 and 26–30 August 2019 and 25–29 November 2019, and to join monthly online conference calls;
  • experience in auditing the group standard;
  • experience in group and community forest management certification;
  • experience working with forestry contractor in group certification schemes;
  • ability to think outside the box to resolve issues and create solutions;
  • a general understanding of the FSC normative framework, including relevant procedures and standards;
  • good speaking and writing skills in English.

All travel costs associated with the project will be covered.

Applicants fitting this profile are asked to send their CVs, a completed application form and a cover letter that explicitly states how previous experience can be immediately transferrable to the needs of the working group. All applications should be sent to FSC Social Policy Manager, Joachim Meier-Dörnberg at j.meier-doernberg@fsc.org.

For more information about the project, including background resources and the current version of the standard, click here

Download the application form here.

Download the Terms of Reference here.  


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