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FSC Certification is Moving Towards Digitalization – Join us

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

As part of its drive to reduce costs and increase credibility, FSC has taken the first steps to develop robust digital solutions to certification over the next five years.

Michael Marus, global Chief Information Officer and Director of IT at FSC, explained that FSC was on a mission to make forests matter, and shift the global forest trend from social and environmental degradation towards sustainable use, conservation, restoration and respect for all.

“To shift this trend, we must empower forest stakeholders and mobilize and grow markets towards sustainable forest management. However, the high level of growth required in global market share is only feasible if FSC develops truly meaningful digital solutions for certification,” explained Marus.

To achieve this goal, FSC would add digital-based supporting tools to its certification products. The aim was to increase credibility and lower costs of FSC certification. 

“Our credibility – the promise behind the label – is a fundamental principle and value of who we are, how we work, and what we stand for. And equally important will be to lower the cost and administrative burden of certification, for us to stay relevant for our customers around the globe,” said Marus.

FSC will not do this alone

FSC plans to achieve this digitalization by teaming up with partners who are leaders in the technology field, including in earth observation, search optimization, algorithms and consumer facing solutions.

All FSC stakeholders are invited to input into the initiative. To join the discussion, stakeholders are encouraged to join the LinkedIn group’ “FSC Digital Innovations”. FSC will regularly upload articles on what we are doing and ask for feedback. Those not on LinkedIn are invited to send their input by email to  digitalinput@fsc.org.  


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