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Thursday, 6 December 2018

FSC has suspended the trademark license agreement (TLA) of FSC chain-of-custody certificate holder Mariusz Skrobot (NC-COC-026650) following an investigation by Accreditation Services International (ASI) into the presence of tropical tree species in Skrobot’s FSC certified briquettes and charcoal.

The suspension is due to the risk posed to the credibility of the FSC system of continuing to allow Skrobot to trade in FSC certified products, given the recent evidence of Skrobot’s nonconformity with FSC Chain of Custody (COC) requirements for selling a large volume of non-conforming lump charcoal and briquette products with uncertified tropical content.

The suspension reflects FSC’s decision to protect the credibility of the FSC system by rescinding Skrobot’s right to use the FSC trademarks. Without a valid TLA, Skrobot cannot trade in FSC certified products.

This suspension will be in place until Skrobot is capable of implementing rigorous FSC chain of custody sourcing and can provide sufficient assurance to their certification body, ASI and FSC that the issue will not be repeated.

During 2018, FSC has carried out a series of steps to ensure the integrity of the FSC-certified charcoal supply chain, working along with ASI to carry out transaction verification of all the major suppliers and producers of charcoal products in Central-Eastern Europe.

Companies that do not, in good faith, follow the requirements of the FSC system will find themselves increasingly under scrutiny by FSC and ASI as the system takes strong measures against companies that trade with non-conforming products and/or use false FSC claims.



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