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Retirement of the FSC Online Claims Platform (OCP)

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

FSC’s Online Claims Platform (OCP) will be retired at the end of May 2019, as part of FSC’s effort to continually focus on digital solutions that deliver the most value to our stakeholders.

FSC will support users until the end of May 2019 and will, by request, facilitate users’ access to archive their information on the platform. In addition, FSC will actively help users transition to Falcon, a new tool to reduce the administrative burden of transaction verification, which will be released at the end of February 2019.

The OCP is a digital platform where transactions of FSC-certified products by FSC certificate holders are recorded for the purpose of transaction verification. Because of a low level of uptake and a lack of flexibility with the software driving OCP, it is being retired.

FSC is actively testing new digital options, including blockchain, to support our credibility and the FSC system as a whole.

We thank the many stakeholders who have provided us with input on the OCP along the way. You have helped inspire us to take the steps we are taking now and to scale up our vision.

We will provide current OCP users with support to facilitate an archival export of the individual user’s volume summary data on a request basis and with the user’s permission until the end of May 2019. In addition, users can request an archival export by emailing support@fsccredibility.zendesk.com.

FSC will also reach out directly to all active users of the OCP and support migration to other platforms.

Alternatives to using the OCP while long-term solutions are built

There are two platforms which can be alternatives to the current version of the OCP while we pursue the next generation of digital supply chain tools:

  • If you are using the OCP to validate your suppliers automatically and get notification of changes in the certificates of your suppliers, we encourage you to use an identical tool placed within the trademark portal.
  • If you are using the OCP to insert claims as a requirement of transaction verification, we have built a simple new platform, Falcon, which will help you check your data formatting prior to forwarding it to your certification body and ASI. Read more about Falcon and how to transition here: https://ic.fsc.org/en/for-business/fsc-tools/falcon


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