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Spanish consumers trust FSC to ensure their purchases help preserve forests

Thursday, 31 January 2019

© FSC Spain

Globescan, a consultant that specializes in public opinion surveys, conducted a study of the Spanish market. It confirms that although climate change is the Spaniards’ main environmental concern, they also feel that preserving forests for future generations is crucial.

Spanish consumers are increasingly interested in forests conservation and in knowing how their purchases can help protect forests. These are the conclusions of a broad market survey conducted by FSC and the consulting firm Globescan. FSC Spain and Globescan recently presented these results in the Carlos de Amberes Foundation in Madrid.

“The results of the study indicate a growing concern about forest preservation”, said Gonzalo Anguita, Executive Director of FSC Spain. “These data are very important because they show that four out of five Spaniards want businesses to ensure that their products do not contribute to deforestation, and three out of four Spanish consumers want sustainable products to be certified by an independent, reliable organization such as FSC”.

More than two fifths of Spaniards remember having seen the FSC label, and half show a good level of understanding of the FSC mission.  The level of trust in FSC is also considered as the highest, compared with trust in government agencies, businesses and brands, certification labels and NGOs. Finally, FSC makes a stronger impression, and gives a more positive image of other brands if they promote FSC or certified products.

The study concludes that 92% of Spanish consumers believe we need to protect forests for future generations, and 86% want companies to guarantee that timber and paper products do not contribute to deforestation of the planet.

Business support

Heads of important businesses participated in the presentation of this study. Some leaders also explained why they have been supporting FSC certification for many years.

María Quintín, Director of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility for Carrefour Spain explained: “We want to collaborate actively in defending sustainable development in all our activities. For this purpose, one of the objectives of our company is to become a world leader in food transition in the area of sustainability.”

An agreement was signed during the ceremony based on this commitment: Carrefour will promote FSC-certified forest repopulation with native species in the Cepeda neighborhood forests. These forests are located near Pontevedra, in the autonomous community of Galicia.

In turn, Víctor Marcos San Pedro, Director of Environment for Tetra Pak Iberia, pointed out how “sustainability is at the core of our business in order to lead competition.”  He mentioned as a proof that 100% of the cardboard in all Spanish containers now comes from FSC-certified sources.

Penguin Random House Publishing Group Director of Corporate Communications, Carlota del Amo, indicated her group strongly supports FSC: “Companies are responsible for environmental sustainability of the environment. In our case additionally this commitment is even more important as our industry is part of the cultural framework of the society in which we live. We must also bear in mind that as our sector requires so much raw material from a natural resource such as forests, we must be even more sensitive in regard to these resources. This means that it is imperative for us to have a certification providing correct traceability throughout the whole production process, and that is precisely what having this FSC certification gives us.”

New certifications

© FSC Spain

In addition to the presentation of Globescan’s report, the event at the Carlos de Amberes Foundation was also the occasion to introduce new companies that have adopted the FSC standards and therefore obtained chain of custody certificates, with the help of the AENOR and Control Union certification bodies.  These new certificates were presented to Textil Santanderina, Intasa, Pladur Gypsum, Greenalia and International Paper Madrid Mill.

“Through FSC chain of custody certification, AENOR ensures implementation of a system that guarantees traceability of certified products from a responsibly-managed forest to the end consumer. A growing number of organizations are certifying their chains of custody, such as the new certificates presented today”, explained Manuel Romero, Director of Sectorial Marketing for AENOR.

Adelaida Alarcón, head of Control Union, promotes FSC certification among her customers because, “it not only contributes to make companies more aware of their own environmental, social and economic impacts, but it also takes on a fundamental importance to control raw materials from their source, serving as an instrument that guarantees and demonstrates to the end consumer that the raw material in the product they are purchasing comes from a forest that is responsibly managed.”     

Magazines that support FSC

FSC Spain also made use of this business meeting to give special recognition to two important publications utilizing 100% FSC-recycled paper, the magazines Ballena Blanca (White Whale) and Anoche Tuve un Sueño (Last Night I had a Dream).

The magazine Ballena Blanca which specializes in environmental and economic topics, recently received an award in recognition of its efforts to combat climate change from The Climate Reality Project, the organization founded and chaired by the Nobel laureate and former Vice-President of the United States, Al Gore.

The magazine, Anoche Tuve un Sueño, is known to be the magazine of optimists with commitments to solidarity and ecology and a vocation for public service.


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