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The United States Completes FSC Supplementary Requirements for Certification of USDA Forest Service Lands

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Supplementary requirements have been added to the FSC-US Forest Management Standard, making USDA Forest Service-administered lands (national forests) eligible to seek certification for the first time.

Supplementary requirements have been added to the 2010 FSC-US Forest Management Standard to enable the certification of USDA Forest Service-administered lands, effective immediately. The revision process was completed by a chamber-balanced Standards Development Group using a multi-stakeholder process and a representative Consultative Forum.  Three public consultations were held in 2016 and 2017, and the revised standard was conditionally approved by the FSC Policy and Standards Committee in February 2018.

The existing US indicators for forest management certification did not change during this revision process – the USDA Forest Service supplementary requirements represent an added layer of requirements for these lands. US National Forests that choose to seek FSC certification must conform to both the existing US Forest Management Standard indicators and the new supplementary requirements.

Both the existing US Forest Management Standard indicators and the new USDA Forest Service supplementary requirements will be reviewed and revised where necessary to align with the revised FSC Principles & Criteria (Version 5) and International Generic Indicators during the ongoing standard revision process.

For more information, please contact Amy Clark Eagle, Forest Stewardship Council US, Director of Science and Certification at: email: a.eagle@us.fsc.org ; info@us.fsc.org

The revised standard is available here.


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