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Consultation on Free, Prior and Informed Consent Guidelines

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

A public consultation on the new version of the FSC Guidelines for Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) was launched on 20 March. FSC asks stakeholders to give their feedback by 19 May 2019.

The FSC Guidelines for FPIC describe the concept of FPIC to be applied in interactions between Indigenous Peoples and operators of FSC-certified forests. The guidelines also include a step-by-step approach to design and implement its process on the ground. By applying FPIC, forest operators will conform with the FSC Principles and Criteria and the FSC national forest stewardship standard requirements.

The first version of FSC-GUI-30-003 V1-0 FSC Guidelines for Implementing FPIC was published in 2012. Since then, FSC has improved the understanding of FPIC in the context of forest management. The revised FSC Principles and Criteria – approved in 2015 – broadened the scope of the right to FPIC and determined more specifically when consent is needed. The FPIC guidelines therefore needed to be revised

The first draft of FSC-GUI-30-003 V2.0 is available through the FSC consultation platform.
Click here to access the English version or here to access the Spanish version.

The French version will soon be available on the webpage summarizing the FPIC revision process. Click here to access this webpage.  

If you wish to receive the French version of the consultation questions or ask any other question about the process, please contact Joachim Meier-Dörnberg, FSC Social Policy Manager: j.meier-doernberg@fsc.org.


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