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Proposals for Continuous Improvement Concepts Open for Public Consultation

Monday, 20 May 2019

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FSC invites all stakeholders to provide input on two proposals on continuous improvement to support smallholders and communities. Stakeholders can provide feedback on the content of the reports through two public consultations during the months of May and June.

The concept of continuous improvement refers to an ongoing process where steps are taken to improve a situation over time. For FSC, continuous improvement applies to forest managers who seek to achieve FSC certification over a defined period by meeting specific forest management criteria at each phase of the process. The philosophy behind the concept is that achieving certification over a stepwise process will improve access to, and uptake of, the FSC system by smallholders and communities.

Under the banner of the New Approaches for Smallholders and Communities Certification (‘New Approaches’) project, FSC explored the concept of continuous improvement in Latin America and East Africa over the past year.

In both regions, FSC met with smallholders, communities, standard development groups, representatives of Indigenous Peoples and environmental NGOs to identify the forest management requirements to be complied with at each step, and to ensure that forestry activities fully conform with the applicable FSC standard at the end of the process.


FSC invites stakeholders to review the reports of these meetings, and provide comments through a short questionnaire:

  • Latin America Continuous Improvement Process (English | Spanish): available now until 8 June.
  • East Africa Continuous Improvement Process: available from the end of May.

Following the public consultation period, New Approaches will generate recommendations to integrate and implement the continuous improvement framework across the FSC system, reaching communities and smallholders worldwide.

For more information on continuous improvement in Latin America, please contact Janja Eke, FSC Subregional Coordinator for Central America, at j.eke@fsc.org.

For more details on the approach in East Africa, please contact Annah Agasha, FSC East Africa Project Manager, at a.agasha@fsc.org.

For more details on New Approaches, please contact Vera Santos, Project Manager, at v.santos@fsc.org.


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