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Wanted: Experts to Develop International Generic Indicators for the FSC Pesticides Policy

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

The FSC International Board of Directors has approved the development of international generic indicators (IGIs) for the use and risk management of chemical pesticides.

FSC is looking for six candidates to set up a working group for this process. The call for applications will be open from 4 June until 30 June. The six positions are open to all, whether you are an FSC member or not.

The FSC Pesticides Policy has been revised to incorporate a risk-based approach that considers not only the hazard of the active ingredient but also under what circumstances chemical pesticides are used. The full implementation of the revised pesticides policy will require the development of IGIs related to the FSC Pesticides Policy and their incorporation to the national context

Six positions are open for this two-year project:

- three positions to be filled by interest-balanced members of the pesticides policy working group, and
- three positions to be filled by technical experts with operational skills related to pesticides.

We are particularly interested in finding applicants with experience in auditing, standard development and forest management.

FSC strives to appoint a working group taking into account gender balance and equitable geographical representation - to include members from developing countries.

Applicants will have to demonstrate the following:

  • a firm commitment to join face to face meetings and online conference calls;
  • experience in negotiation and representing the interests of their stakeholder group, with a focus on conflict management and resolution;
  • ability to review and comment on documents.

Positions are unpaid, but all travel costs associated with the project will be covered by FSC. Applicants must send their CV and the filled application form.

All applications should be sent to Maria Melero, Forest Management Program Manager, at pesticides.policy@fsc.org

Please check the terms of reference and fill in the application form


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