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1.3 million hectares added to FSC certified forests in Canada

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

© Tembec
© Tembec
© Tembec
© Tembec

Canadian forest products manufacturer Tembec has received FSC group certification for 1 375 000 hectares of forest management units in Senneterre, Quebec. This adds to the 10 million hectares that Tembec already manages according to FSC standards for environmental and social responsibility.

Tembec and partner company Resolute Forest Products received the certificate from QMI-SAI Global, an FSC accredited certification body. This followed a comprehensive audit of the companies’ forest management practices, which were found to comply with Canada’s National Boreal Standard.

Dennis Rounsville, Tembec's Executive Vice President and President of the Forest Products Group, says: "We are proud of this achievement: it is the result of three years of collaboration with various industry stakeholders."

Tembec is a global leader in sustainable forest management practices. Tembec’s Director and CEO, Jim Lopez, says: “We felt that FSC was a strategic part of the company’s business model.” All of the forests Tembec manages directly are now FSC certified.

Tembec uses timber from the forests it manages to manufacture paper, pulp, lumber and speciality cellulose. Rounsville points out that: "The certification of this additional area allows Tembec's Senneterre mill to source 100 percent of its timber under a timber supply and forest management agreement that is FSC certified."

By offering a broad range of FSC certified merchandise, Tembec is helping meet consumer demands for environmentally responsible forest products.


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