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Results of first Russian FSC Green Architecture Award announced

Thursday, 5 December 2013

First Russian FSC Green Architecture Award – From left to right: Alexander Andrianov, Development Director of the National Agency for Sustainable Development, Andrei Ptichnikov, Director of FSC Russia, Alexander Glikman, architect at RUZE arch-build Ltd. (© FSC Russia)© FSC Russia
First Russian FSC Green Architecture Award
The winning project: ‘House of Denis Yakushevich’
The winning project: ‘House of Denis Yakushevich’
The Audience Award Winner: ‘Villa Hortus’
The Audience Award Winner: ‘Villa Hortus’

A green building sector is beginning to emerge in Russia. Around 30 buildings, including some being constructed for the Sochi Olympic Games, are certified by green building standards systems such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and the BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM). Most of these systems encourage the use of FSC certified wood. But even though 22% of global forests are situated in Russia, the use of wood in the green building sector is still relatively low. In order to promote the use of FSC certified wood in green building in Russia, FSC Russia and the National Agency for Sustainable Development has established the FSC Green Architecture Award.

On 13 November 2013, the results of the first FSC Green Architecture Award were announced at a meeting of the Green Architects Club. Eighteen projects were submitted by architects from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Latvia. They were evaluated by a jury of experts according to principles of balanced economic, social and environmental components and international standards of energy efficiency and environmental assessment. Voting was held on Facebook for an audience award.

The winner in the category ‘The architectural object’ was the ‘House of Denis Yakushevich’ by Sergei Michurin, Petr Vasilyev and Ekaterina Schelokova from Russia. The jury commended this project for its modern design and use of FSC certified wood, and the ease and low cost of construction. The audience award went to the project ‘Villa Hortus’ by Group National Architect, under the leadership of Dmitry Selivohin, also from Russia. This wooden one-family house, is very energy-efficient and includes innovative systems for improved thermal insulation.

"We are awarding the FSC Green Architecture Award for the first time, and we are very pleased that we received so many interesting projects. It shows architects are very interested in environmental issues,” says Andrei Ptichnikov, Director of FSC Russia. Svetlana Duving, Head of the National Agency for Sustainable Development, adds: "Ecological construction in Russia has only begun developing very recently. At first we were concerned about whether architects were sufficiently interested in this topic to participate in this competition.” But, she continues, “it turned out that almost all of the projects submitted were extremely interesting, making use of innovative green solutions and technologies. For us, it is clear evidence that the idea of green architecture is becoming more common in Russia.”

For more information on the Russian FSC Green Architecture Award (in Russian):

And the projects submitted for the Award (in Russian):


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