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The latest news and views from FSC, plus related forestry industry updates

“Forests have changed our lives”

29 November 2018 · A group of Tanzanian villagers have seen their living conditions considerably improved. How did this change happen? Quite simply, the community worked hard on preserving a local tree called …
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FSC Risk Assessments for Russia, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay are Now Available

11 December 2018 · Effective 11 December 2018, organizations seeking to source controlled wood from Russia, the United Kingdom, or Uruguay are required to use the latest FSC risk assessments to conform with standard …
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FSC Establishes the ILO CoC Technical Working Group

10 December 2018 · Six members will develop the accreditation requirements for FSC-STD-20-011 V4-0 EN FSC Chain of Custody …
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NOTIFICATION: Publication of Malaysia National Forest Stewardship Standard on Hold

7 December 2018 · The FSC International Performance and Standards Unit (PSU) kindly asks that all relevant stakeholders put the use of the FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS) of Malaysia on hold until …
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6 December 2018 · FSC has suspended the trademark license agreement (TLA) of FSC chain-of-custody certificate holder Mariusz Skrobot (NC-COC-026650) following an investigation by Accreditation Services International …
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FSC Establishes Technical Working Group for Group Certification Standard Revision

4 December 2018 · Seven technical experts will revise the FSC-STD-30-005 V1-1 FSC Standard for Group Entities in …
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Controlled wood strategy process extended to March 2019

4 December 2018 · On 5 November 2018, the controlled wood strategy process advisory group recently requested that the FSC International Board of Directors extend the deadline for publishing the
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FSC joins the Global Landscapes Forum as Charter Member

1 December 2018 · The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has joined forces with the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) as a Charter Member, fortifying its commitment towards tackling the challenges of forest restoration and …
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FSC risk assessment for Finland is now available

27 November 2018 · Effective 27 November 2018, organizations seeking to source controlled wood from Finland are required to use the latest FSC risk assessment to conform with standard
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FSC Can Contribute to Solve Forestry Issues in Ukraine

27 November 2018 · FSC Ukraine and other Ukrainian organizations jointly organized an international research conference to address challenges faced by the Ukraine forestry sector, and also to explore the opportunity FSC …
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