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Facts & Figures

200,025,086 ha certified
38,333 CoC certificates
1,639 FM/CoC certificates

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Impact Stories

Saving a species: One company’s mission to save the Brazilian tapir

19 September 2018 · In the pitch black night, a stout creature roams through the thick undergrowth of the Brazilian rainforest. Notoriously hard to spot, even at night when it is most active, the locals call it the …
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Tree sleuths are using technology to crack timber crimes

7 May 2019 · Scientists are optimistic that innovative techniques can pinpoint the true origin of timber. By Aisling Irwin, Nature Magazine
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“Forests have changed our lives”

29 November 2018 · A group of Tanzanian villagers have seen their living conditions considerably improved. How did this change happen? Quite simply, the community worked hard on preserving a local tree called …
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How one man’s labour of love led to a sustainable construction breakthrough in Japan

30 October 2018 · Some would simply refer to it as the first FSC Project Certification for a newly constructed detached house in Japan. But for those who labored shoulder to shoulder to construct the house, it will …
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From the Forest to the Catwalk: FSC is the Preferred Certification for Forest-Based Fabrics

12 July 2018 · Environmental non-profit Canopy and FSC are leading the charge for change in the fashion industry.
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Enabling alternative livelihood through responsible forestry

19 March 2018 · Bananas stretch across the land, meeting neat rows of maize that yield enough for Fred Muwalampya to pay school fees for 10 children. He’s also building a brick house and plans to buy a car. “My …
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Leading the Race for the Survival of the Cheetah

9 February 2018 · Harvesting native bush to produce an FSC-certified fuel log called Bushblok is a crucial leg in the race to save Namibia’s wild cheetah from extinction.
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Supplying the world with garden furniture, small forest owners in Vietnam could help end deforestation

11 September 2017 · Authored and first published by WWF International. In Central Vietnam hundreds of …
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Finding balance in India’s forests

22 August 2017 · Brought together by certification, forests supply high quality logs while continuing to provide a sanctuary for wildlife and the culture of Indigenous Peoples.
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