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New Guide from ATIBT: User Guide for Eco-Certified African Timber in Europe

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


The International Tropical Timber Technical Association (known by its French abbreviation, ATIBT) has released Volume 1 of its User Guide for Eco-certified African Timber. A member of the FSC International economic chamber, ATIBT is a technical association engaged in the promotion of tropical timber from sustainably managed tropical forests.

As a part of ATIBT’s drive to raise awareness of eco-certified African timber, the guide offers information on certified African timber especially for the European market. The guide is intended for European users of African timber and timber industry professionals such as suppliers and distributors. It includes technical information on a variety of tropical timber species and details of the types of projects that have successfully used tropical timber.

Volume 2, which will be published later, will target African consumers. African consumption is on the rise, creating new possibilities for the use of wood in construction and in other growing sectors. ATIBT is also currently working on a project to promote lesser-known timber species.

According to the authors, Patrick Martin and Michel Vernay, the guide demonstrates that “by choosing the certified timber that is most appropriate for its intended use, the consumer contributes to preserving a sustainable and economically viable farming system while limiting product waste and ensuring an optimal lifetime according to his or her usage. In addition to the satisfaction derived from an exceptional material, the user also contributes to the preservation of a protected ecosystem that includes its fauna, its flora, its populations and its cultures.”

The publication is financially backed by PPECF (Promotional Programme for Certified Forestry Operations) and AFD (French Development Agency). 

The report can be downloaded free from the ATIBT website: https://www.atibt.org/en/eco-certified-african-timber-user-guide-has-been-released/