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FSC launches “Change our Fiberboards” to show market demand for certified fiberboards

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Fiber Boards
Fiber Boards

FSC has launched a new campaign aimed at encouraging forest owners and fiberboard manufacturers to introduce more FSC certified fiberboard into their product ranges. “Change Our Fiberboards” aims to highlight the demand for the certified products by asking companies to register their fiberboard needs on the website.

Companies interested in purchasing FSC certified fiberboards are invited to commit to a statement and register their fiberboard needs in terms of quantity, type, and price.

To show forest owners and manufacturers that a high demand for FSC certified fiberboard products exists, a list of the total amount of FSC certified products needed on the market will be brought to forest owners and manufacturers attentions in March 2013. Companies who register can choose to promote their company name on the list of registered companies, but they can also choose to support the campaign anonymously. All other data is confidential.

Three major companies in Europe have already chosen to support the campaign; OTTO Group, Kingfisher and Nobia Denmark. Kingfisher, one of the largest home improvement retailers in Europe, states; “Kingfisher supports an effort for more FSC certified board material on the market. Our 2020 target is to achieve 100% responsibly sourced timber and paper in all our operations, within which FSC is our preferred choice as the most stringent globally accepted certification scheme. This cannot be done alone; we need to engage others and participate globally in a collaborative manner and we very much encourage other companies to join this effort.”

To learn more or register your company, please visit www.changeourfiberboards.com