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Campaign for FSC certified fiberboards reveals substantial market demand

Monday, 29 April 2013

© FSC A.C.
© FSC A.C.

In 2012 FSC® launched the ‘Change our Fiberboards’ campaign, focused on making the demand for FSC certified fiberboards visible to the market. FSC encouraged companies to join the campaign in order to demonstrate to potential suppliers that there is a real demand for FSC certified fiberboards. The results of the campaign confirmed that market demand is indeed substantial.

Since November 2012, 53 companies from all over Europe have joined ‘Change our Fiberboards’ and stated their interest in purchasing FSC certified fiberboard. They registered 482 needs for different types of fiberboard at the online campaign site, 40 percent of which were for quantities greater than 500 cubic meters.

Besides demonstrating a sizeable market demand for FSC certified fiberboard, ‘Change our Fiberboards’ has also shown that 39 percent of the participating companies would be willing to pay more for their chosen fiberboard type if it were FSC certified. Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is the most demanded fiberboard type (29%), with chipboard a close second (26%), followed by plywood (20%) and high-density fiberboard (HDF) (17%). The participating companies are mostly interested in raw/unprocessed (25%), laminated (17%) and melamine-coated (16%) FSC fiberboards.

“The campaign shows that there is a clear business potential for FSC certified fiberboards in Europe,” says Ida Rehnström, Director of Communications at FSC Denmark and coordinator of the ‘Change our Fiberboards’ campaign. “We hope that producers and manufacturers of fiberboard will seize the opportunity to fill this market gap by bringing more FSC certified fiberboard onto the market.”

FSC encourages forest owners, fiberboard manufacturers, producers or traders who need certified fiberboards to enter into a dialogue about this business potential. FSC recommends that business partners involve local FSC Offices and representatives in this process as they will be able to facilitate connections. Click here for a list of local FSC offices near you. The full report, including all findings, is available at www.changeourfiberboards.com.