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Nokia prioritizes FSC certified virgin fibers for packaging materials

Monday, 13 May 2013

© Nokia Packaging Design
© Nokia Packaging Design

Nokia, a global leader in mobile communications, recently announced that it aims to use 100-percent certified renewable or recycled materials for its fiber-based printing and packaging materials by 2015. Nokia’s Natural Resources Policy states a preference for FSC certified materials, and targets an average of at least 70 percent of recycled fibers used across all packaging.

As a major producer of mobile devices worldwide, Nokia uses some 25 000 tons of paper for their retail and transport packaging each year. Of this volume, 66 percent consists of recycled material, 20 percent certified virgin fibers and 14 percent non-certified virgin material. In 2011, Nokia launched its first FSC certified packages with the Nokia N9 and Nokia Lumia 800, and FSC certified virgin fiber is also used as raw material for Nokia user guides. Johanna Liipola, Senior Manager of Packaging Design, Print and Materials at Nokia, says: “We are setting a challenging and progressive long-term vision in sustainable materials, and we trust that by setting the target for certified material in the packaging portfolio, we are able to achieve our goals.”