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Sainsbury’s donates almost £9 000 to FSC UK

Thursday, 16 May 2013

© Sainsbury's
© Sainsbury's

Between 26 December 2012 and 15 January 2013, the British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s offered Christmas card recycling at 500 stores all around UK. Based on the volume of cards recycled, Sainsbury’s have made a donation of almost £9 000 to FSC UK.

Shoppers were invited to drop off their old Christmas cards in recycling banks provided in the stores participating in the initiative. They could also register online to get their cards collected directly at home by delivery drivers. Paul Crewe, Sainsbury’s Head of Sustainability, explained on the company website that his company was providing these recycling facilities for different reasons, especially “to support customer recycling, to help divert waste from landfill and to contribute towards the safeguarding of the world’s forests through the work of Forest FSC.” After announcing the donation, Mr Crewe also declared that “taking a few simple actions can really add up and help us to reduce our impact on the environment. It’s clear from the response we’ve had from our customers that they care about this and about making a small contribution to the invaluable work of the FSC UK and the future of our forests.”

The volume of cards recycled by Sainsbury’s customers has increased since Christmas 2011, when FSC UK reported that “almost 50 tonnes of Christmas cards were recycled at the Sainsbury’s bins over the New Year period, resulting in a donation of £6 930.” This year, thanks to a larger quantity of recycled cards, the donation from Sainsbury’s rose by more than two thousand pounds.

Rosie Teasdale, Deputy Director of FSC UK, says: “The income FSC UK receives as a result of this recycling scheme supports our national education and outreach activities, helping us to spread the FSC message through schools and community groups. We believe it is vital to engage with the consumers of tomorrow, empowering them to make a positive impact through their shopping habits. As a small charity, FSC UK relies heavily on the support of companies such as Sainsbury’s for this work, and it is fitting that the money is raised through card recycling, reducing the pressure on the world's forests.”

You can read the article published by FSC UK here.