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Avisera plants a tree for every order of FSC certified products

Friday, 17 May 2013

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Swedish packaging solutions company Avisera has taken a further step towards responsible forestry. For every order of FSC certified products they receive, they are planting a tree in Nicaragua. Through this activity, they are supporting their customers in making active choices that are positive for people and the environment.

Avisera already has a strong focus on green solutions, offering packaging that meets the highest quality and environment standards. Avisera’s FSC certification ensures that bags and packaging solutions are produced under the most comprehensive social and environmental standards for forest management.

The tree-planting project in Nicaragua is managed by Plan Vivo and certified according to a standard for long-term carbon storage. It provides support to vulnerable communities to manage their natural resources more sustainably and make agriculture more resilient to climate change. It gives farmers an opportunity to diversify their income and create new economic opportunities. Reforestation and forest farming also contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity and other ecosystem services such as regulation of water flows and reduced erosion.

In return for their commitment, the customers who order FSC certified products will receive a personalized diploma issued in the company’s name.

Mariella Zalbo Lundgren, Head of Marketing at Avisera, says, “For us it is obvious that we in the packaging industry must take responsibility and offer our customers sustainable green solutions in addition to the usual quality and environmental certifications. Planting trees is another step in the right direction, and helps us to contribute to a more sustainable future.”

Avisera have noticed that their customers are increasingly asking for their FSC labeled products, and it is hoped that their tree-planting initiative will make a positive contribution to this encouraging trend.