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Indonesia: Strong growth in certified forest area and new FSC presence on the ground

Thursday, 18 July 2013

© FSC A.C.
© FSC A.C.

Indonesia’s forests are one of the frontiers of world timber production. At the same time, they are also a globally-important biodiversity hub and a source of livelihood for many communities.

The timber market is developing a growing awareness of responsible forestry practices, resulting in an increasing demand for FSC certified Indonesian timber. In recent years, the growth of FSC certification in Indonesia has been particularly encouraging. The total FSC certified forest area has more than doubled in the past two and a half years - from 833,000 hectares in January 2011 to 1,679,117 hectares in July 2013.

Credit for increasing demand for FSC certified timber should also be given to The Borneo Initiative (TBI), http://www.theborneoinitiative.org, a foundation that offers timber companies in Indonesia and surrounding countries financial support, and helps forge trade links with timber buyers. With TBI’s support, many Indonesian forest concessions – such as the recent example of PT Indexim Utama in East Kalimantan, with over 52,480 hectares of forests – have gone through the FSC certification process.

FSC acknowledges the importance of Indonesian forests in a regional and global context, and has decided to focus more resources on the region. Besides establishing the Asia Pacific Regional Office in 2011 in order to facilitate FSC certification and market links, on 1 July 2013 the FSC National Representative for Indonesia, Mr. Hartono Prabowo, took on his duties. He has vast experience in Indonesian forestry and forest certification and looks forward to continuing his support for responsible forest management in the country in this new role. He can be reached at h.prabowo@fsc.org.