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FSC certified paper is a key element in green printing in North America

Thursday, 15 August 2013

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© FSC A.C.

A new report finds that 64% of North American printers participating in a survey prefer FSC certified paper. The Green Print Leadership Report, published by Canopy, a Canadian -based non-governmental organization that works with 700 North American companies, surveyed the top 50 North American printers (as documented by Printing Impressions 2011 and 2012), of which 36 responded.

Other key findings in the report include:

  • 92% of the printers have sustainability policies
  • 42% of these publish the policies on their website
  • 28% of the survey respondents have developed a sustainability report, and most of these reports are publicly available.

The report demonstrates how important sustainability has become in the print sector in North America. Clients increasingly require their print providers to consider environmental impacts and want to ensure that their printed products do not involve controversial fibers of illegal origin or from unsustainable forestry practices.

As well as 63% preferring FSC certified paper, the survey identifies further trends in the respondents’ sustainability policies:

  • 58% prefer paper that does not come from habitats for endangered species
  • 56% have benchmarks and timelines to maximize the use of paper containing post-consumer waste
  • 56% have policy language to support the protection of endangered forests
  • 47% support using paper made with cleaner (less toxic) bleaching technologies
  • 33% support research and development of straw paper.

FSC certification guarantees that the paper originates from forests that are managed responsibly, considering both environmental and social aspects. As companies increasingly aim to demonstrate their leadership in these areas, the demand on printers to provide sustainable options is likely to increase. As the report notes: “Leading brands have an opportunity to influence printers to make even more progress towards environmental sustainability. Each time a company prints materials, this is an extension of the brand and a chance to take a stand towards progressive and responsible printing practices.”

To read the full report, visit: http://canopyplanet.org/business/commercial-printers/green-print-leadership-report/