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Tetra Pak® delivers more than 26 billion FSC labeled carton packages worldwide in 2012

Friday, 4 October 2013

© Tetra Pak, 2013
© Tetra Pak, 2013
Figure: Countries where FSC labeled Tetra Pak packages are sold (© Tetra Pak, 2013)© Tetra Pak, 2013
Figure: Countries where FSC labeled Tetra Pak packages are sold

The 2013 Tetra Pak® Sustainability Update, launched on 9 September, has announced that 26.4 billion Tetra Pak packages in 39 countries carried the FSC label in 2012. This is a 40 percent increase over 2011, and represents continued steady growth since 2008, when the first 0.2 billion FSC labeled Tetra Pak packages were brought onto the market.

Tetra Pak has also increased the use of FSC certified paperboard in its products. In 2012, this climbed to 38 percent, up from 34 percent in 2011. The company is working with suppliers and other stakeholders to further increase access to FSC certified paperboard in order to meet the ambitious goal of sourcing exclusively FSC certified paperboard. As one of the world’s largest purchasers of paperboard, ensuring a responsible and sustainable supply of timber products is critical to Tetra Pak’s business.

Tetra Pak offers its customers the chance to use the FSC label on packaging and encourages them to communicate its value to consumers. “The FSC label helps raise awareness of the importance of responsible forest management among consumers worldwide, enabling them to make informed purchasing choices,” says Nils Björkman, Tetra Pak’s Executive Vice President of Commercial Operations.

Since the introduction of the world’s first FSC labeled liquid food cartons in the UK in 2007, Tetra Pak has worked with suppliers, customers, consumers and NGOs to raise awareness of the importance of ensuring responsible forest management and the value of using renewable materials, like wood. “FSC greatly values the commitment of Tetra Pak to promoting responsible forest management,” says Marcelle Peuckert, Director of Business Development at FSC International. “Not only do they set ambitious targets on sourcing FSC certified paperboard, they also communicate to consumers and clients alike the importance of ensuring responsible forest management.”

For more information, read the Tetra Pak Sustainability Update 2013: http://www.tetrapak.com/environment/sustainability_report/Pages/default.aspx