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Avery Dennison expands portfolio of FSC-certified label products

Monday, 21 October 2013

© Avery Dennison
© Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison, a major player in the global labeling and packaging materials industry, has expanded its portfolio of cost-neutral, FSC-certified label products. The company presented this extensive portfolio during Label Expo, the world’s largest exhibition for the label and packaging industry, held September 24–27 in Brussels.

With operations in more than 50 countries, Avery Dennison consumes over half a million tons of different types of paper in the production of its label material per year. The company now offers a wide range of FSC certified self-adhesive labels, including over 150 label products in Europe alone. The company’s labels are used in the food, wine, express courier, retail, distribution and healthcare industries. With this range of FSC certified label products, Avery Dennison expects to encourage brand and private label owners to seek sustainable packaging solutions, and to meet their needs without additional costs.

“In March 2013, Avery Dennison launched its responsible paper sourcing policy, in which we commit to increase the use of certified fiber from responsibly managed forests in the papers we source, with a preference for FSC certified paper,” says Xander van der Vlies, Sustainability Director for Avery Dennison Materials Group. “The launch of our expanded FSC certified label portfolio in Europe represents the next step in our journey towards responsible paper sourcing.”

In collaboration with Rainforest Alliance, Avery Dennison has also developed a certification road-map. This will allow the company and its suppliers to assess capabilities and set milestones with regard to long-term targets on responsible sourcing.