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Facts & Figures

196,518,316 ha certified
36,195 CoC certificates
1,579 FM/CoC certificates

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Market News

FSC Italy Design Award: Gala award ceremony at Casa dell’Architettura celebrates winning entries

22 October 2012 · A resounding success for the final prize giving of FSC Italy’s design competition. Over 100 people attended the conference "The FSC trademark: the choice for social and environmental …
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Disney’s responsible new sourcing policy chooses FSC

22 October 2012 · On 11 October 2012, Disney announced a new policy that ensures that the paper consumed by it and its affiliated companies around the globe is sought from responsible sources. By this, Disney is …
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Facial masks with fibres from FSC® certified wood

5 October 2012 · A range of innovative facial masks by Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) Chain of Custody certified cosmetics company Kose now contain FSC certified materials in their products and packaging. The …
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FSC invites you to plant your virtual tree with forestsfirst.org

2 October 2012 · FSC has launched an international web-based awareness campaign www.forestsfirst.org, thanks to the kind support of Global FSC partner AkzoNobel. …
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FSC-Certified Company Angel Estrada - Bringing Environmental Stewardship to Argentinean Schools

5 September 2012 · Argentinean company Angel Estrada takes their FSC campaigns outside of the company
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Supporting FSC Certificate Holders in Using Trademarks

5 September 2012 · Launch of FSC Trademark Quick Guide and Trademark FAQ
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The FSC 2011 Annual Report is now available!

20 August 2012 · A special video introduction by Director General Andre de Freitas highlights some of the events that made 2011 a landmark year for FSC.
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Certification brings the market to the mountains

18 August 2012 · FSC certification of community forests helps access international markets for non-timber forest products and leads to better forest management.
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Association and certification make small forests profitable

17 August 2012 · FSC certification brings economic advantages and market access to thousands of small forest owners in Sweden.
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Making music responsibly - world’s first FSC certified woodwind goes on sale

17 August 2012 · In January 2011, the world’s first FSC certified woodwind instrument was put on sale, sourced from certified forests in Tanzania.
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