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200,025,086 ha certified
38,333 CoC certificates
1,639 FM/CoC certificates

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National News

In the Congo, people-centric businesses drive change

26 June 2019 · The forests of the Congo Basin constitute the second largest area of dense tropical forests in the world, after the Amazon. This makes it one of the world’s most precious resources in these times of …
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FSC Risk Assessments for Brazil, Canada, Honduras, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Papua New Guinea Are now Available

26 June 2019 · Effective 26 June 2019, organizations seeking to source controlled wood from Brazil, Canada, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, or Papua New Guinea are required to use the latest FSC risk assessments to …
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FSC 25th Anniversary

25 Years of Making a Difference

24 June 2019 · This year, we at FSC celebrate our official 25 year anniversary.
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Tree sleuths are using technology to crack timber crimes

7 May 2019 · Scientists are optimistic that innovative techniques can pinpoint the true origin of timber. By Aisling Irwin, Nature Magazine
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Strolling on FSC Tropical Wood at the BuGa 2019

23 April 2019 · A 600m long Bongossi bridge made from FSC-certified tropical wood is the first FSC project certification in Germany.
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ASI Accredits Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association

9 April 2019 · Effective 20 March 2019, Assurance Services International (ASI) has accredited Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association (JIA) to audit and issue FSC chain of custody certificates worldwide, …
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Brazil Issues its First FSC Ecosystem Services Verification

20 March 2019 · FSC has issued its first ecosystem services verification in Brazil to an organization in the Bailique region.
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FSC Embraces UN’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

14 March 2019 · FSC wholeheartedly welcomes the UN’s decision to declare 2021-2030 the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. The coming years will determine whether the world can live up to the commitments made by …
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Policy of Conversion

Progress Made in Developing New Policy on Conversion

14 March 2019 · The relevant working group is tasked with developing a holistic policy on conversion, as part of implementing Motion 7 (GA2017). It is comprised of six members equally representing economic, …
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