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198,702,134 ha certified
37,398 CoC certificates
1,620 FM/CoC certificates

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National News

Strolling on FSC Tropical Wood at the BuGa 2019

23 April 2019 · A 600m long Bongossi bridge made from FSC-certified tropical wood is the first FSC project certification in Germany.
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ASI Accredits Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association

9 April 2019 · Effective 20 March 2019, Assurance Services International (ASI) has accredited Japan Gas Appliances Inspection Association (JIA) to audit and issue FSC chain of custody certificates worldwide, …
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Brazil Issues its First FSC Ecosystem Services Verification

20 March 2019 · FSC has issued its first ecosystem services verification in Brazil to an organization in the Bailique region.
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FSC Embraces UN’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

14 March 2019 · FSC wholeheartedly welcomes the UN’s decision to declare 2021-2030 the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. The coming years will determine whether the world can live up to the commitments made by …
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Policy of Conversion

Progress Made in Developing New Policy on Conversion

14 March 2019 · The relevant working group is tasked with developing a holistic policy on conversion, as part of implementing Motion 7 (GA2017). It is comprised of six members equally representing economic, …
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Malaysian FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS) re-published

12 March 2019 · The FSC International Performance and Standards Unit (PSU) is re-publishing the FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS) of Malaysia. The Malaysian NFSS was previously published on 20 November …
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The Netherlands Launch Revised FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard

12 March 2019 · The new FSC national standard for the Netherlands was developed by a chamber-balanced standards development group by engaging multiple stakeholders.
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The United States Completes FSC Supplementary Requirements for Certification of USDA Forest Service Lands

12 March 2019 · Supplementary requirements have been added to the FSC-US Forest Management Standard, making USDA Forest Service-administered lands (national forests) eligible to seek certification for the first time.
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Waldplus Fulfils Impact Verification for 5 Ecosystems Services

27 February 2019 · Rome, 27/02/2019 – Italy became the first country in the world to receive a Forest Stewardship Council ecosystems services (ES) verification fulfilling all five …
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FSC Risk Assessment for Swaziland is Now Available

27 February 2019 · Effective 27 February 2019, organizations seeking to source controlled wood from Swaziland are required to use the latest FSC …
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