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FSC Covenant confirms Amsterdam’s sustainable ambitions

Friday, 28 September 2012

In the upcoming years Amsterdam will take in collaboration with FSC Netherlands specific measures to secure the application of responsible wood and paper. All boroughs and the central City signed a covenant with FSC Netherlands on FSC Friday, the 28th of September. Signing this covenant underlines the sustainable ambitions of the City of Amsterdam.

The signing of the agreement took place on FSC Friday. During this day activities take place globally to promote the Forest Stewardship Council. “FSC Netherlands considers signing this covenant of utmost importance, as the role of large bidders is crucial to make FSC wood and paper mainstream”, says Liesbeth Gort, director of FSC Netherlands. “The fact that Amsterdam signs this covenant during FSC Friday is a clear signal towards other cities worldwide.”

“Amsterdam is already quite advanced when it comes to applying FSC and this covenant gives their ambitions an even more solid basi,” adds Mark Kemna, Manager FSC Network. “The fact that all boroughs participate will encourage lots of regional construction companies to get FSC certified, which will further drive the actual use of FSC certified wood.”

The signing of the covenant took place during a tour visiting earlier built FSC projects. At each project the eldermen and the director of FSC Netherlands were informed by the constructor, supplier of the wood or project leader about the use of FSC wood in the project.

67 cities have already signed a covenant with FSC Netherlands and have, by doing this, adapted the use of responsible wood and paper accordingly in their policies. FSC Netherlands is supporting her partners in applying FSC timber and timber products in their building projects by providing special training sessions. Also the 45 housing corporations and 12 water boards that have signed a covenant with FSC Netherlands, receive training.