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Fair Booth Project Certification in Italy has a Story about Forests to Tell

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

FSC-certified booth (© FSC Italy)© FSC Italy
FSC-certified booth

The first certification project of its kind in Italy, exhibition space to be installed at Ecomondo (one of the main green and circular economy fairs in the Euro-Mediterranean region) is part of the collaboration between FSC Italy and Tetra Pak Italy. It will raise awareness of the importance of forests and the use of wood and paper from responsible sources.

When we think of forests, some of our first memories may well be the fairy tales we heard as children, with the forest being the magical space where everything happens. But what if forests disappeared from the brothers Grimm’s tales?

Coming back to reality – and being grown up – the question remains the same: if we want to continue to use wood and paper, we must take care of the world’s forests; otherwise the tale will end. And this time, unfortunately, for real.

‘Without forests the tale ends’ is the key concept behind the FSC-certified, pop-up lookalike booth populated by characters from Little Red Riding Hood built at the Ecomondo fair this year. It marks the collaboration between Tetra Pak Italy and the Forest Stewardship Council Italy: over 250 m2 of FSC-certified honeycomb cardboard, 100 m2 of sustainably sourced chipboard on an area of 80 m2, and a project certification code (ICILA-PRO-000001), issued by CSI SpA, that attests to the significant use (more than 90 per cent by volume) of FSC-certified materials.

FSC-certified booth characters (© FSC Italy)© FSC Italy
FSC-certified booth characters

Tetra Pak has always had a policy to increase its use of sustainable raw materials for its food containers: 91 per cent of its packaging is currently FSC certified (4 billion containers produced annually for the Italian market alone), and it is aiming to achieve 100 per cent. The booth’s project certification marks a further step towards what could be considered a more global, widespread approach to sustainability.

“I think this is more than a project certification: it is a milestone in a long journey we have undertaken together with Tetra Pak Italy to raise awareness on the importance of forests and the products that we derive from them,” says Diego Florian, Director of FSC Italy. “From the beginning, Tetra Pak Italy agreed to our proposal, considering the project certification an additional tool to demonstrate, once again, its commitment to environmental responsibility.”