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FSC Japan assigned two FSC Ambassadors

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

FSC Japan has just assigned two celebrities, Miho Takagi and Sakana-kun, as “FSC Ambassadors”, in an inauguration ceremony attended by journalists.

At the inauguration ceremony on 13 September, Dr Takehiko Ota, Chairman of FSC Japan conferred the wooden plaque on each ambassador.

“FSC Ambassador” is one of the key initiatives of FSC Japan’s market campaign, which was made possible after a donation by FSC International of USD$300,000 in the wake of Japan’s 2011 tragic natural disasters.

Miho Takagi—an actress and farmer of quiz show fame, and Sakana-kun—a marine biologist, illustrator and popular Japanese TV personality—will help increase the recognition of FSC amongst the general public. Alistair Monument, FSC Asia Pacific Regional Director, welcomed the ambassadors and commented, “Japan is one of FSC’s key markets, with a large number of certificate holders. We hope that initiatives like this will help drive greater demand for FSC in Japan, and that the ambassadors will help the public understand that even small, individual actions can help drive responsible forestry.”

According to Miho, “FSC is the system which balances environment and economy. I’d like to communicate FSC in a friendly and simple way to the general public.” Sakana-kun is eager to learn more about FSC, “I haven’t heard of FSC, so I’d like to learn more about it and the forest! I then want to tell what I learn in an understandable way to children using illustrations.”

Miho and Sakana-kun conducted their first mission as ambassadors at FSC Japan’s annual event, FSC Forest Summit 2012 in Hamamatsu, held during the first weekend after the ceremony. Miho gave a keynote speech and Sakana-kun opened his environment lecture for family visitors.
More than 1,100 people attended the two-day event.