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Update about FSC and LEED v4

Monday, 15 October 2012

Update about FSC and LEED v4 (© John Stamets for the Bullitt Center)© John Stamets for the Bullitt Center
Update about FSC and LEED v4

On October 2nd, the US Green Building Council opened the 5th public comment period for LEED v4.

Overall, the Forest Stewardship Council is supportive of the direction that USGBC has taken the LEED program in this draft. FSC remains the only forest certification standard recognized in LEED, signaling the strength of USGBC's commitment to leadership, high standards and market transformation.

And while the details are yet to be released, it appears that FSC may serve as a model for recognizing leadership standards for other raw materials in construction products. This is a promising development, since other materials are rightly criticized for lacking similar rigorous, independent certifications of their environmental performance.

FSC will develop a full a nalysis of this 5th draft to share with our community well before the comment period closes on December 10th. In the meanwhile, a few key points from the revised raw material sourcing credit are worth sharing.

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