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Aesthetics, functionality and responsible-sourcing win at FSC Denmark Design Awards 2012

Monday, 3 December 2012

Anne Nørbjerg and Sanne Kyed, winners of the FSC Design Awards 2012 (© FSC Denmark)© FSC Denmark
Anne Nørbjerg and Sanne Kyed, winners of the FSC Design Awards 2012
‘Dry Under’, the winning design (© FSC Denmark)© FSC Denmark
‘Dry Under’, the winning design
The judging panel (© FSC Denmark)© FSC Denmark
The judging panel

On November 21st, Denmark's most responsible design was chosen at Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen. At the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Design Awards 2012, Anne Nørbjerg and Sanne Kyed from Aarhus School of Architecture showed that aesthetic and functional design can also be responsible.

A record number of participants and visitors were on hand to see Tobias Jacobsen reward Nørbjerg and Kyed as the winners of the FSC Design Awards 2012.

Anne Nørbjerg and Sanne Kyed are students at the Aarhus School of Architecture in their seventh semester. For the past few months they have been working on creating a functional and aesthetic multifunction garden table with built-in drying racks, all built from FSC certified responsible sources. 95 students from five design and architecture schools across the country took part in the competition, submitting a total of 7 entries.

The winning design is called ‘Dry Under’, because it enables you to dry your clothes under the table. It was especially this innovative and thoughtful concept which the judges felt that deserved top place. “It is a complete design which is super functional. It contains several functions in one – you can both dry your clothes and have dinner at the same time. One only hopes that it is not your father’s old underwear hanging underneath the table top…” said Tobias Jacobsen, who led a unanimous agreeing jury. He continued, “At the same time, the two designers have managed to think in terms of aesthetics – the play of colours, completed details and possibilities for a changing look and appearance. With other words, it is a complete design where you just need to press the start button immediately.” The judging panel has high expectations that the design could be put into production, as has been done previously for five of the six winning designs.

China awaits

Anne Nørbjerg and Sanne Kyed can now look forward to a trip to China next spring, where they will visit an FSC certified forest and learn first-hand the benefits that FSC certification brings. In addition, Nørbjerg and Kyed will develop a prototype of the winning design in a local workshop in China.

“We have never won anything before – we did not count on winning. It was surreal when the judged started talking about our table. It is the first time that we actually had to build furniture from scratch and it has really been ‘learning by doing’ for us. Our starting point was to create furniture adapted to the small balconies of the cit,y so that neither the table nor the drying racks take up the space where you want to be yourself,” says Anne Nørbjerg and Sanne Kyed.

Nine runners-up were also awarded at the FSC Design Awards 2012 together with the Consumer Award. All of the winning designs will be exhibited in the café at Danish Architecture Centre from the 27th of November 2012 until the 30th of January 2013.

Read more about the FSC Design Awards here (in Danish).