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FSC and PEFC jointly call for rejection of proposal for ISO Chain of Custody Standard for certified forest products

Monday, 8 July 2013

FSC and PEFC, the two organisations together accounting for some 98% of the world’s certified forests and chain of custody certificates, called upon members of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to not support a proposal for an ISO standard to be developed for certified forest products as it stands.

ISO members have until the end of August to vote on such a proposal. In a joint statement to the ISO members, FSC and PEFC express their “sustained opposition” to the proposal.

PEFC and FSC state that they “Strongly believe that an ISO chain of custody standard would not add value to global efforts to promote sustainable forest management through forest certification……The fundamental principles of PEFC and FSC chain of custody certification are closely aligned, allowing companies to obtain dual certification to both FSC and PEFC in an efficient and straightforward manner at minimal additional costs…. Dividing the supply and production chains results in sub optimal results”.

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Read the FSC / PEFC joint statement