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195,600,945 ha certified
36,144 CoC certificates
1,577 FM/CoC certificates

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National News

“Forests have changed our lives”

29 November 2018 · A group of Tanzanian villagers have seen their living conditions considerably improved. How did this change happen? Quite simply, the community worked hard on preserving a local tree called …
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FSC Awarded Friend of the Sacred Groves Title for Protecting Sacred Sites in Estonia

18 December 2018 · FSC became the first organization to receive the Friend of the Sacred Groves title in Estonia. FSC International was awarded the title for including the preservation of sacred natural sites into its …
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FSC Can Contribute to Solve Forestry Issues in Ukraine

27 November 2018 · FSC Ukraine and other Ukrainian organizations jointly organized an international research conference to address challenges faced by the Ukraine forestry sector, and also to explore the opportunity FSC …
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FSC Australia Launches National Forest Stewardship Standard

20 November 2018 · The new national standard becomes effective 10 February 2019.
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Japan Launches FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard

20 November 2018 · The new national forest stewardship standard becomes effective on 15 February 2019.
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South Africa Launches FSC National Forest Stewardship Standard

20 November 2018 · The standard becomes effective on 1 March 2019.
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FSC-certified alternatives to single-use plastics

13 November 2018 · FSC Belgium organized a conference on FSC-certified alternatives to single-use plastics at the Empack …
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How one man’s labour of love led to a sustainable construction breakthrough in Japan

30 October 2018 · Some would simply refer to it as the first FSC Project Certification for a newly constructed detached house in Japan. But for those who labored shoulder to shoulder to construct the house, it will …
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FSC-certified wood doubles its market share in Belgium between 2012 and 2016

9 October 2018 · The Belgian Federal Environment Service conducted a market survey to assess the market share of certified timber and paper products in Belgium. The results show that the proportion of FSC-certified …
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The World's Largest FSC-Certified Forest Welcomes the World's Largest Boreal Forest Protected Network to the Neighbourhood

28 August 2018 · FSC and Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. (Al-Pac) are pleased to welcome the creation and expansion of five wildland provincial parks in Alberta, a western province of Canada. This is the …
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