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Facts & Figures

200,820,294 ha certified
33,954 CoC certificates
1,568 FM/CoC certificates

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National News

Social surveys undertaken in Bulgaria to support FSC certification

6 June 2016 · Authored and first published by WWF.A third of Bulgaria is covered in forest – this is 3.7 million hectares of the country’s territory.
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FSC and WWF Promote FSC-certified Products in China

17 May 2016 · FSC China, WWF China and the Japanese retail group Aeon recently co-hosted an event to promote sustainable consumption and FSC-certified products to consumers in …
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FSC Certification Opens Door to Responsible Merbau for Consumers

12 April 2016 · PT Wijaya Sentosa, a forest concession in the Indonesian region of Papua has recently become the first large scale forest operation in the world to achieve FSC Forest Management certification for …
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Italy Approves Green Public Procurement Law

22 March 2016 · As of February 2016, a new law requires all Italian public authorities …
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On a Timber Trail

14 March 2016 · Empowering Farmers Through FSC Certification. [i]“I never imagined that my land could help educate my children, give them a decent life and social status. The certificate we have received from FSC …
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US Federal Procurement Recommends FSC Certification

18 December 2015 · In September 2015, the United States (US) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued its …
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Lost climbers’ dream is alive

16 November 2015 · Uzbek mountaineers Ilyas Tukhvatulin and Ivan Lobanov had long planned to replant and restore the forest that once blanketed the foothills of the Chimgan Mountains in their home country. But when they …
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Blog Post by Corey Brinkema

Forests For All Forever in Huffington Post

25 September 2015 · To highlight initiatives that are making a difference, Huffington Post - one of the top news websites in the world - is running a series called “What’s Working: Sustainable Development …
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FSC forests keep growing in Ukraine (1)

FSC forests keep growing in Ukraine

18 September 2015 · During the last year, the area of FSC-certified forest in Ukraine increased by a remarkable 120%.
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