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Facts & Figures

196,518,316 ha certified
36,195 CoC certificates
1,579 FM/CoC certificates

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National News

New agreement on sustainable forestry between Sweden and Chile

21 June 2016 · During the Chilean state visit to Sweden (10–12 May 2016), a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on sustainable forestry was signed by the Swedish Minister for Rural Affairs Sven-Erik Bucht and …
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Kao Group Becomes the First Company in Japan to use FSC-Certified Corrugated Cardboard

14 June 2016 · Kao Group, a leading producer of consumer goods in Japan, recently presented its plan to use FSC-certified corrugated cardboard packaging for its products. This will make it the first Japanese company …
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Social surveys undertaken in Bulgaria to support FSC certification

6 June 2016 · Authored and first published by WWF.A third of Bulgaria is covered in forest – this is 3.7 million hectares of the country’s territory.
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FSC and WWF Promote FSC-certified Products in China

17 May 2016 · FSC China, WWF China and the Japanese retail group Aeon recently co-hosted an event to promote sustainable consumption and FSC-certified products to consumers in …
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FSC Certification Opens Door to Responsible Merbau for Consumers

12 April 2016 · PT Wijaya Sentosa, a forest concession in the Indonesian region of Papua has recently become the first large scale forest operation in the world to achieve FSC Forest Management certification for …
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Italy Approves Green Public Procurement Law

22 March 2016 · As of February 2016, a new law requires all Italian public authorities …
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On a Timber Trail

14 March 2016 · Empowering Farmers Through FSC Certification. [i]“I never imagined that my land could help educate my children, give them a decent life and social status. The certificate we have received from FSC …
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US Federal Procurement Recommends FSC Certification

18 December 2015 · In September 2015, the United States (US) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued its …
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