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200,196,830 ha certified
33,865 CoC certificates
1,546 FM/CoC certificates

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National News

FSC Helps to Shape New Russian Forest Policy

30 October 2013 · On 23 September 2013, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev decreed a new National State Forest Policy, taking a critical step to modernize the country’s regulatory framework for forest practices. …
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FSC responds to ISO forest standard initiators

16 August 2013 · The national standardisation bodies of Brazil and Germany, who initiated a proposal for the development of an ISO standard related to forest products, responded, on the 2nd of August, to the joint …
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FSC Argumentation against the proposal to launch ISO work on a “Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products” requirements

8 August 2013 · There is a proposal which is open for voting from National Standardisation Bodies which are full members of ISO and they can vote till 28th of August.
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FSC and PEFC jointly call for rejection of proposal for ISO Chain of Custody Standard for certified forest products

8 July 2013 · FSC and PEFC, the two organisations together accounting for some 98% of the world’s certified forests and chain of custody certificates, called upon members of the International Organization for …
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USA Forest Products Legality Legislation and FSC

28 February 2013 · In 2008, the US Congress amended the Lacey Act, which was adopted in 1900 and was originally meant to protect US wildlife. The amendments made it illegal to trade (import, export, transport, sell, …
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FSC welcomes the entry into force of the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act

6 December 2012 · On the 30 November 2012, the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act 2012 entered into force.
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Aesthetics, functionality and responsible-sourcing win at FSC Denmark Design Awards 2012

3 December 2012 · On November 21st, Denmark's most responsible design was chosen at Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen. At the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Design Awards 2012, Anne Nørbjerg and Sanne Kyed …
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FSC Japan assigned two FSC Ambassadors

10 October 2012 · FSC Japan has just assigned two celebrities, Miho Takagi and Sakana-kun, as “FSC Ambassadors”, in an inauguration ceremony attended by journalists.
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FSC Covenant confirms Amsterdam’s sustainable ambitions

28 September 2012 · In the upcoming years Amsterdam will take in collaboration with FSC Netherlands specific measures to secure the application of responsible wood and paper. All boroughs and the central City signed a …
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