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Facts & Figures

200,363,287 ha certified
34,808 CoC certificates
1,587 FM/CoC certificates

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National News

FSC Japan assigned two FSC Ambassadors

10 October 2012 · FSC Japan has just assigned two celebrities, Miho Takagi and Sakana-kun, as “FSC Ambassadors”, in an inauguration ceremony attended by journalists.
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FSC Covenant confirms Amsterdam’s sustainable ambitions

28 September 2012 · In the upcoming years Amsterdam will take in collaboration with FSC Netherlands specific measures to secure the application of responsible wood and paper. All boroughs and the central City signed a …
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Tanzania – Udzungwa Mountains

Illegal logging costs the nation in revenue

24 September 2012 · For years now, Tanzania has been named as one of the countries in the world losing millions of revenue due to increasingly smuggling and illegal business of forest products. According to a report by …
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Future is bright for FSC certification in China thanks to productive relationship with Chinese authorities

29 August 2012 · The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which has been certifying businesses in China for fourteen years, is growing rapidly and together with the SFA, CNCA, and industry associations has made …
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FSC certified forest area in Germany set double by 2014

2 August 2012 · Last year was an important year, politically-speaking for the Forest Stewardship Council in Germany. In several federal states the political landscape changed with the election of more …
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Picture Francois Dufresne – President of FSC Canada.

FSC Canada Appoints François Dufresne as its New President

7 May 2012 · The FSC Canada Board of Directors has appointed François Dufresne as President effective May 1st, 2012.
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Protecting endangered Tigers in the Taiga

6 April 2012 · Old growth forests, identified as high conservation values through FSC certification, protect habitat for the endangered Amur tiger in the Russian Far East
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Quality Council of India and FSC

Bright future for forest certification in India following agreement between the Quality Council of India and the Forest Stewardship Council

2 April 2012 · (Bonn – 30 Mar 2012) The Quality Council of India (QCI) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) signed an historic agreement today at FSC’s Bonn, Germany headquarters. The Memorandum of …
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FSC Network updates

27 February 2012 · The FSC Network operates at national and regional levels. The Network plays a crucial role in achieving FSC’s mission of promoting environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and …
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