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The latest news and views from FSC, plus related forestry industry updates

ASI Accredits Imaflora To Certify Against FSC Standards

29 October 2018 · As of 1 October 2018, Imaflora (IMA) can certify against FSC forest management (FSC FM) and FSC chain of custody (FSC CoC) standards in Brazil.
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Global Zoo and Animal Organisation Joins Hands with FSC to Fortify Sustainable Forestry Practices

24 October 2018 · WAZA seeks to boost the use of sustainably sourced products amongst its members.
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The 2018 FSC Global Market Survey Is Almost Here

23 October 2018 · FSC is calling on certificate holders and trademark service licence holders to participate in the upcoming 2018 Global Market Survey to be launched on 31 October 2018.
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Postponed: Data Collection for Charcoal Supply Chain Transaction Verification

23 October 2018 · The deadline for all certificate holders in the charcoal supply chain to submit their details for mandatory transaction verification for quarters 3 of 2018 will be postponed until early 2019.
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19 October 2018 · The purpose of the survey is understanding the potential impact of incorporating International Labour Organization (ILO) requirements to chain-of-custody certification on certificate holders.
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FSC statement on documentary

19 October 2018 · The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) disputes the allegations made about our work in Arte documentary.
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Participate Now: Public Consultation on FSC Risk Assessment for Thailand

17 October 2018 · A draft FSC risk assessment for Thailand is open for consultation from 15 October to 13 November 2018.
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Putting the “green” in greengrocer: German Grocers increase their commitment to FSC!

16 October 2018 · Grocery shopping in Germany just got a lot greener. Leading retailers Lidl, Aldi, and Edeka recently published their purchasing guidelines, focusing on the procurement of FSC-certified paper and wood.
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FSC Partners with the 2018 Sustainable Fashion Awards

16 October 2018 · FSC is proud to be associated with the Sustainable Fashion Awards, an event that honors designers and brands leading the way to a greener fashion.
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FSC Friday Celebrations All Around the World

15 October 2018 · On Friday 28 September, FSC-certified businesses, FSC members, schools and organizations all around the world
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